Samsung Galaxy Note 5 price, release date, specs and rumors

Samsung has made some of the finest phablets in the world with its Note series. The Galaxy Note 4 was one of the best Android phones of 2014, but will its upcoming Galaxy Note 5 deliver? Read on to find out what we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 price, release date, specs and features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design

A leaked 3D CAD video depicting what we think might be the design blueprint for the Galaxy Note 5 has appeared online courtesy of This follows a recently leaked render from which depicted a Galaxy S6-like device inside a case and the device design appears to be the same in both the previous image and the new video. 
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As you can see, the device looks like an enlarged Galaxy S6 with a stylus. The same protruding camera sensor beside the flash and heart-rate monitor can be seen on the rear with similar button placements and speaker grill (though this has been moved, apparently to accommodate the stylus holder). 
Of course, these are currently only rumors. But if they're real, what do they say about the Galaxy Note 5?
galaxy note 5 case render
The suspected Galaxy Note 5. / © nowhereelse
The Galaxy Note 5 in the image above appears to be housed in the same materials as the Galaxy S6. This premium-feel aluminium unibody would suggest the device won't come with a removable rear panel or a removable battery.
Though the material is unclear in the video render, the device does appear to lack a 'nail gap' (for want of a better way to describe it) to easily pull apart the device cover, adding further weight to the 'non-removable' rumors. 
Fans of Samsung's Galaxy series disapproved of this design decision in the Galaxy S6, so we'd expect this revelation to be similarly disappointing, if not exactly unexpected. This is not to say that Samsung won't surprise us all, but based on Samsung's current design trajectory, I'd say it's unlikely to expect a removable battery or expandable storage. 
Samsung Galaxy Note5 CAD 00
Do you think this the design of the Galaxy Note 5? / © @OnLeaks
A patent published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, regarding an automatic-ejection system for a smartphone stylus, recently appeared online and is believed to belong to the Galaxy Note 5. Images from the patent, uploaded by Patently Mobile, show off a concept device with a striking resemblance to the Galaxy Note 4.
The patent suggests that the new technology would allow the stylus to be "ejected" from the smartphone using a gesture or voice-command, instead of just pulling it out like on older Galaxy Note devices.
Samsung s pen patent
Will the Galaxy Note 5's S Pen be able to eject automatically? We'll see. / © Patently Mobile
While it's not a vitally important addition, it might make you feel a little more James Bond-like when retrieving your stylus, if this rumor proves to be true. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features

Samsung submitted a patent application file on June 30 for a new feature entitled "Write on PDF", which Sam Mobile suggests could be implemented for the Galaxy Note 5. 
androidpit samsung galaxy note edge review 10
The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge had a curved display and S-Pen features. / © ANDROIDPIT
The Galaxy Note 4 includes a 'Screen Write' feature which lets you draw over what's on screen, but to do so on top of a PDF requires you to take a screenshot first. This new trademark would allow the user to write on PDFs simply by activating Screen Write. 
There's nothing to say that the patent relates to the Galaxy Note 5, or that its functionality will be as we suggest, but it seems like the logical conclusion. 
While it's not a groundbreaking feature per se, it is indicative of Samsung's desire to make the Galaxy Note 5 the most convenient phablet it has ever produced. 
androidpit samsung galaxy note edge review 2
The Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note 4 had a removable battery. Will the Galaxy Note 5? / © ANDROIDPIT
Samsung's stylus, known as the S Pen, is something which sets the Galaxy Note series apart from the competition. While it is performing the best it ever has on the Note 4, there is still a lot of potential for this technology and Samsung is almost certain to deliver some improvements (like the auto-eject feature mentioned at the top of the page).
The handwriting recognition and usability has been improved in the latest version, but can the classic feel of pen on paper be surpassed by a smartphone? Possibly. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 display

A rumor picked up by has suggested that the Galaxy Note 5 will arrive with a QHD (2K) display, rather than a UHD (4K) one. This was based on news from Chinese site, which also speculated that the device will feature a USB 3.1 Type-C connector. 
We'd previously heard that Galaxy Note 5 display would come in at 6 inches, and Samsung said at Analyst Days in 2015 that 4K smartphones will exist by the end of 2015, so the Note 5 is probably the last chance to deliver on that claim. 
The Galaxy Note 5 will pack a mean display. / © ANDROIDPIT
Though Samsung is always keen to be at the forefront of display technology, a 4K display for the Galaxy Note 5 does seem unlikely at this point.
It would create a huge strain on the battery life (even with the fast-charging expected on the Note 5), it would be expensive, and Samsung already has one many believe to be the best looking smartphone display in the world on the (QHD) Galaxy S6. It might be an unnecessary risk to include a UHD display on one of Samsung's phablets this year. 
As for USB Type-C, this is going to become the standard for all Android devices before long, so it's entirely likely to appear on the Galaxy Note 5. According to gforgames, it's also expected to be paired with the USB Power Delivery v2.0 specification to charge your phone much faster than before.
samsung galaxy s6 quick settings
Will the Galaxy Note 5 go for the QHD display of the Galaxy S6 (pictured)? / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 price and release date

A Samsung executive might have inadvertently revealed that the the Galaxy Note 5 release date will be in September. Rhee In Jong, Samsung's executive vice president, said that Samsung Pay was due to launch in September alongside its next high-end smartphone, according to a report from Bloomberg. This suggests that the Galaxy Note 5 will land at IFA 2015, as the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4 did at IFA 2013 and IFA 2014 respectively. 
The Galaxy Note 5 price will likely to come close to 1,000 USD off-contract. The Galaxy Note series is known for delivering cutting-edge smartphone technology, and with the Galaxy Note Edge coming in at around 1000 USD when it was introduced last year, and the same for the Galaxy S6 Edge this year, there's every chance the new Note could reach this price too. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 camera

It seems likely that the Galaxy Note 5 will house some impressive camera tech, given that Samsung tends to prioritize this for its flagship devices. The Note 5 will probably house a wide-angle front-facing camera for all of those "welfies" that people are clamoring for, hopefully in the region of 8 MP. As for the primary camera, expect at least 16 MP and optical image stabilization.
androidpit galaxy note 5 concept camera
This image from a concept video shows a large 20 MP camera sensor. / © Note5Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs

Little has been leaked about the Galaxy Note 5 specs so far, but Sam Mobile suspects it will have an updated Exynos 7422 processor. You can count on 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM and a battery in excess of 3,000 mAh. 
Expecting anything more than a day on a single charge for the Note 5 will be asking a lot. With an big, ultra-bright screen and lightning-fast processor, the Galaxy Note 5 specs are going to put the battery under some serious strain.
Two-day battery life was something of a headline last year, but this year the focus seems to have shifted to fast-charging - essentially an admission that super long-life batteries are still some way off. We think the Note 5 battery will be a fast-charger rather than a long-liver, and will likely charge wirelessly too.
What would you like to see in the Galaxy Note 5? Let us know in the comments below.
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