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Friday, 10 February 2017


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It’s no secret that HTC has had more than its far share of problems in recent months. There was a time when it was a major part of the smartosphere, but that era is now gone forever. Today, they are struggling to attract buyers for their devices. Will their new flagship, the HTC 11, be able to turn things around? It’s possible, but not very likely.

The HTC 11 will be a decent device…

Should we maintain a high price and hope to sell enough devices to reach our goals? Or should we lower prices and then rely on our ability to attract more buyers? When your finances are looking more than a little shakey, these are the sort of questions you'll be asking yourself. Additionally, a few of the rats have already fled the sinking ship: one of the company's Vice Presidents has moved to Google.
All these decisions are a gamble on the future, but the plain fact of life in the smartphone market is relatively straightforward: your device will not sell if it isn't at least on the same level as its competitors.
The most daring try to be original, such as what we have seen with LG when they released the G5. Unfortunately, this strategy doesn’t always pay off. Will HTC try to be original with the HTC 11? It’s not very likely as this could ultimately prove to be an expensive risk, which is something the company is not in a position to accommodate. It’s possible that HTC will change their design and perhaps opt for curved edges like Samsung who, according to the most recent rumors, could feature this technology on their two new flagship models.

The screen will obviously be QHD definition because HTC won’t want to let down the VR fans out there. It’s true that the VR market still isn’t fully developed, but if the manufacturer doesn’t show an interest now users could turn to another brand that is already working on this technology. As we’re talking about new features, it's timely that we also mention the artificial interface concept, which has become very trendy since Google introduced their Assistant. HTC has developed its own digital assistant, the Sense Companion, which is available on the HTC U Play and the HTC U Ultra, but we haven’t been able to look into it yet in any detail.
AndroidPIT htc u ultra 3978
Perhaps you think that a devices true strength lies in its performance. The main problem here is that, if the HTC 11 is released at MWC (and everyone is thinking it will be), it will not be using Snapdragon 835 as Samsung has exclusive rights to this processor. In other words, HTC would need to use a 821 processor (or come to an agreement with Huawei or Samsung?). Even if it is optimized in the best way possible, and even by cheating the benchmarks like other manufacturers have done, it will be difficult to achieve the performance of the Snapdragon 835.

The camera and the battery life will also need to be good quality, just like every other flagship device. In short, HTC will need to present a good smartphone that doesn’t stray too far from its already well-trodden path (it can’t afford to fail).

...but this isn’t enough for it to sell

If you regularly read websites that specialize in smartphones, you'll probably have already seen that each manufacturer has its own community of fans. How many of us don’t even bother to think when we are upgrading our smartphones and will automatically choose a device from our favorite brand? For others, the choice is more complicated as it’s not about the manufacturer, it’s about the interface: Stock Android (Nexus, Pixel, Moto, etc.), EMUI (Huawei, Honor), etc. Of course, there are also those people who are only interested in certain characteristics or are looking for a device that is good value for money.

The problem with HTC is that its community of fans isn’t the same as what it once was. Fortunately, some users have remained loyal and will buy this new device (and will probably be very happy with it) but they now represent a minority and the HTC brand image isn't in a position to make the future HTC 11 people’s number one choice for a smartphone.
AndroidPIt google pixel XL 9697
Of course, it has the Sense Companion and this in itself is an advantage. In theory, yes, but in practice this remains to be seen. The digital assistants look good on paper, but in practice they aren’t always that useful. Such a strategy makes sense for manufacturers like Google and Samsung, but not really for HTC as the costs for maintaining such a feature could end up costing them a fortune. This in itself is an interesting development because if HTC does follow through with this, the company could risk its future or at least needs to be certain it can finance the overall strategy - as well as the improvements and updates it will require. 
In any case, the software interface would struggle to prove itself and I doubt that it will be enough of a selling point for HTC, especially as requiring users to store all their private information to their smartphone and allow it to be exploited to “provide a service” could scare off those who are concerned about data protection.
The last and by far most obvious element is the price, which is usually placed very high. It’s normal to pay a high price for a top of the range device, I know that. That said, it brings us back to the same point: if people are going to spend a huge sum of money on a new smartphone, most users would prefer to opt for the most popular brand (as most people associate a high price with good quality). Even with a top of the range device in 2017 (and that’s still something we'll need more confirmation on), the company will not (or will no longer) have enough charisma to attract customers. The HTC 10 was a great phone but that wasn’t enough. It will probably be the same for the HTC 11.

What do you think HTC should do to reach the top sales spot with the HTC 11? Do you think its too late to save the HTC brand? Let us know in the comments below. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

HTC Aero release date, price, specs and rumors

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HTC isn't an - ahem - HTC One trick pony: the incoming and quite possibly code-named Aero will supplement the mighty One range, and according to HTC it's a "hero product". So what will it do, what will it cost and will you be pushing shoppers out of the way to get your hands on it? Here's everything we know so far about the HTC Aero price, release date, specifications and features.
HTC Aero Hasan Kaymak concept 1

HTC hasn't been having the best time of late. The HTC One M9 hasn't been selling as well as might be expected, and it hasn't had universally positive reviews either. As the Android marketplace becomes ever more crowded, it's becoming harder and harder for firms to truly impress. Will the Aero change that? 

HTC Aero release date

HTC hasn't confirmed the HTC Aero release date just yet, but it's down for a late-2015 release. We're hearing October, which ties in nicely with the lucrative pre-Christmas shopping period. 

HTC Aero price

We're expecting the HTC Aero price to be somewhat lower than the current HTC One, because while HTC tells us that the HTC Aero will be a "hero product" the handset will be targeting the mid-to-high range rather than supplanting the One as HTC's flagship. On Twitter, serial tech leaker @ricciolo1 says that "it's hard to BEAT htc in terms of design,+new"ONE"is truly HEROIC...the real trick? the PRICE.. ;) #HTCAero". The tweet has since been deleted, possibly by the typing police.

HTC Aero design and build quality

The HTC Aero will not be a "cheap-looking phone", HTC tells us, but it won't be similar to the HTC One devices either. While it'll follow the HTC aesthetics in terms of design approach and engineering, the HTC Aero should look and feel quite different to HTC's other handsets. 
HTC Aero concept renders by Hasan Kaymak

HTC Aero: display

Rumors say that the HTC Aero display will be a 2,560 x 1,400 Quad HD display behind the fourth generation of Corning's Gorilla Glass, but there's no indication of just how big that display will be. 

HTC Aero: processor and specs

The HTC Aero is expected to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor along with 3 or 4 GB of RAM.

HTC Aero: camera

A tasty rumor comes via, who reports that sources out of Vietnam "have suggested [the] HTC Aero will bring a revolutionary new camera technology." That makes sense given HTC's adventures in camera tech so far, which have included UltraPixel sensors and the HTC One M8's depth sensor. Vietnamese website HTCViet predicts a camera with an impressive f/1.9 aperture and RAW file format, which is a firm favorite among pro photographers. 
htc one m9 camera lens closeup

HTC Aero: software

A late-2015 release surely means Android M, presumably with a flavor of HTC's TouchWiz on top. 
What would you like the HTC Aero to look like, to include or to be? Share your favorite ideas in the comments!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

HTC One M9: common problems and how to fix them

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The HTC One M9 may be one of the leading flagships of 2015, but it still has its share of issues. If you're experiencing overheating, poor battery life or other troubles, then we're here to show you how to fix these common HTC One M9 problems.

Poor battery life

There are countless reasons why your HTC One M9 may be suffering from poor battery life, and they're problems that are suffered by owners of other phones too. Here are some of the things you can do to slow down the rate at which the One M9 battery depletes:
  • Go to Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications and switch off notifications for apps you don't wish to receive them from. 
  • Your display is a big - but obviously quite necessary - battery drain. Go to Settings > Display & gestures > Brightness level and lower the brightness. Alternatively, with the Automatic brightness box ticked, turn down the brightness slider. This will limit the automatic brightness of your screen.
  • Go to Settings > Display & gestures > Screen timeout and lower the amount of idle time required before your screen automatically switches itself off.
androidpit htc one m9 battery saving

Auto-rotate not working

Auto-rotate is an age-old smartphone feature, but it's still prone to the occasional bit of misbehavior. If your One M9 doesn't auto-rotate, first go to your Quick Settings and make sure it's enabled. If it is, but it's still not working, you may need to re-calibrate your phone's G-Sensor (a flashy word for gyroscope).
  • To do this, go to Settings > Display & gestures > G-Sensor calibration
  • Put your HTC One M9 on a flat surface, then tap Calibrate and wait until the screen says 'Calibration Complete'

HTC One M9 Overheating

The Snapdragon 810 chipset powering the HTC One M9 got a lot of stick for its tendency to overheat during use. When we tested it out in our Snapdragon 810 vs 808 comparison however, it looked like HTC had fixed the widely-reported problem. However, if your experience differs from ours and you're still experiencing overheating, then there are a couple of workarounds you can try.
IMG 1044
  • Use power-saver mode when possible: This may not sound like the most satisfying of solutions, but the fact is that most of the time you won't be pushing your One M9 hardware to the limit anyway, and can use power-saving mode with no noticeable performance drop, but a noticeable decrease in temperature.
  • Don't use your phone while it's charging: Carrying out demanding tasks like gaming on your phone while it's charging can cause it to overheat. This issue isn't unique to the HTC One M9, and if you find that it overheats only when you use it during charging, then the simple solution is to stop doing it.

Double-tap to wake not working

One of the HTC One M9's most touted features lets you double-tap the switched-off screen to wake your phone, but it's prone to failure. The feature is tied in with the One M9's G-Sensor, and is designed to work when you're holding your phone upright in portrait mode. If your One M9 is on a flat surface or in landscape mode, double-tap to wake might not work.
androidpit htc one m9 g sensor
Another possible issue is that your G-sensor might not be calibrated. To fix this, go to Settings > Display & gestures > G-Sensor calibration then tap Calibrate.

HTC One M9 charging too slowly

If you were expecting your HTC One M9 to charge at lightning speeds just because it supports Quick Charge 2.0 then you're in for disappointment. The One M9 - like most phones - doesn't ship with a Quick Charge charger, but you can buy the official one online. 
androidpit htc fast charger
Did you know you needed one of these for your HTC One M9 to fast-charge? / © HTC
A less pricey solution to the HTC One M9 battery charge problem includes turning on Power Saver or Extreme Power Saver mode while it's charging - both of these can be switched on from your phone's Quick Settings menu. Also, don't use your phone while it's charging because it'll charge slower and could damage your phone battery.
Are you experiencing other HTC One M9 problems? Let us know in the comments and we'll try to offer up fixes in the future.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

HTC One M9 camera test ........

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An in-depth HTC One M9 camera test has revealed that its technical capabilities are lower than that of the three-year-old Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 4s, which was released in 2011. As the HTC One M9 was only released in March 2015, this result may come as something of a surprise.  

The test was conducted by DxOMark, a dedicated resource for digital camera image quality benchmarks, which placed the flagship at number 22 on its list of best smartphone cameras. The Galaxy S6 Edge took the number one spot and was the only smartphone released in 2015 in the top 30.
In its review, DxOMark noted the One M9's "pleasing colors" and detail in bright light, but maligned its inaccurate white balance, oversaturation in low-light, and "loss of sharpness" on image corners. 
htc one m9 test 03
The HTC One M9 camera kind of sucks, according to one test. / © ANDROIDPIT
The HTC One M9 achieved the same overall photo score as the Galaxy S3 (73/100), but lost out on its video quality. The Galaxy S3 received a mark of 88 for exposure and contrast, and 83 for color, whereas the One M9 was awarded 75 and 69 in the same respective categories.
As for the iPhone 4S, this achieved a higher photo score with 74 and higher overall video score at 68 (compared to the One M9's 61)
The HTC One M9 was a highly anticipated 2015 flagship which didn’t exactly blow our socks off. Despite HTC upgrading the 4 Ultra-Pixel rear camera found on the HTC One M8 to a 20 MP snapper for the One M9, we noted that its camera performance was still disappointing in our original HTC One M9 review.
Do you agree that the HTC One M9 camera is worse that than of the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4s? Let us know in the comments below.