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Wednesday, 8 July 2015


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Earn money online is world famous way in present age.But some people thing that this is the fraud way of eran money online.But earn money online is not a fraud way because i also earn from internet but large number of networks are fraud  because they not give money.But some trusted networks also  present and every person can earn money easily.I tell you an important point about earn money online this is free way of earning i mean you earn online without any investment and i work with some companies and i am not investment with any network.So some networks says investment with us these are fraude netwoks and your no benefit with this network.
When you search on internet earn money online then large number of sites open there and we not know about these site these are real sites or not real.But i tell you about a website this is real website and i also earning from this website.The name of this site is .This is a ptc website.You earn from this site by clicking on ads.You also earn from this site by reffer your friend.If you register your one friend it gives you $0.10 .When you click on one ad it gives $0.02 to $0.05 pr click.This is the best rate.
First you sign up on trafficmonsoon after creating your account confirm your email adress.After confirm your email adress click on back to dashboard your dashboard is open.On your dashboard you see some ads .The word "claim" write on ads click on claim and earn for view every claim.Your balance is show bellow your claims.
This is the world easy way of earning and trusted network.
NOTE:You have not make multiple account on one pc(computer)because your previous account is blocked when you make new account.
NOTE:If you not understand right now my article or any other difficulty on internet or any problem in your account then comment me i will help you.Share this article and tell your friends about this.You visit my site again i tell you some other best ways of earning money online.

Friday, 12 June 2015


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In my recent article I tell you 7real ways of earn money online without investment.In this article I tell you how to earn money online with website or blog.This is most famous way of earn money online.So in this article I tell you the way of earning money online without investment.This is a simple methode.Just choose following steps are given below.
1:Make your own professional website or blog.
2:On your website or blog write articles at least three months regularly
3:Your articles are clean.
4:Share your articles on social networks
After three months when your site users 5000 then you apply your site or blog on ads networks.Your next question is
What are ads networks?
Ads networks are those networks who give you a simple HTML or PHP and JAVA SCRIPT codes after approved your blog or website and  a banner show in your blog or website  .When  you paste this code in your site where you wants to how ads.
Best adnetwork
The world famous and large adnetwork is google adsense.Google adsense is world largest and trusted adnetwork.
What things are required  before applying Google adsense?
1:Your age older then 18 years.
2:your site or blog is older then 3 months(this is for Pakistani users only)
3:Your blog or site not a subdomain because adsense not approve subdomain sites or blog.
4:At least 100 daily search engine traffic.
5:Origin content at least 40 articals.
6:Your blog or site clean and and user friendly.
7:No porn,no software,no games,no cracking.
After adopt these thins you apply adsense.Surrely adsense give you ads.
 In my next article for tips.I tell you the process for getting free blog.


                                                      ENJOY NOW!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


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In present age peoples search on google,yahoo and bing how to earn money online.Some people search and after searching they can not find a right way of eran money online.In this situation they think that the idea of earn money online is not real.But i wants to remove this thinking of people because the earn money online is a real way.But large number of sites are fraud,and peoples not find the real way of earn money online.So i try to help you for giving you true ideas of earn money online.

In this artical i tell you some popular ways of earn money online.
1:Earn with blog or website.
2:with writing articals
3:Share a video
4:upload video
6:Play games
7:click on ads
these all methods are free.
 In this artical i tell you ways of earn money online on internet without investment.In my next articals  i tell you how to earn from these methode.I explain these methods step by step.

                                   ENJOY NOW!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

11 Simple Ways Students Can Make Money Online

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Like other Students, you are also wasting your precious time? in online gaming, Facebook, Chatting, Social media and etc. I feel really sorry for me, when I look back to my past I wasted almost 2 years in playing games and chatting with friends, I think why I had not utilize those 2 years in blogging but I have certain satisfaction that now I am out of all these un eventful activities.

Still many of my friends are wasting their time on social media. If we calculate how much time we spend on internet per day then, the majority would say 2 to 3 hours which makes it about 1000 to 1200 hours in a year. After spending all these hours what we got? We remained empty handed before and after.

This is the reason why I recommend my friends to think on large scale don’t get dishearten think larger think bigger. Facebook, social media and gaming is not the only thing in the entire world. So today we will show how we Kids, Students, Teens and Housewife’s or who ever it is, can make money online straight from our living room.

Why Students Need Money
Students often need some extra pocket money, so that they can spend as they wish. And being a student my self, I know the basic needs of a student i.e. Smartphone, gaming consoles, cool cloths and etc. If you want to spend money on your own will, then you need to earn it. And by going through this post you would feel blessed to know, The 11 Most Easiest way Students can earn online.

Why Housewives Want to Earn
Same goes for housewives, who often spend their time at home. Usually they wish to convert their skills into money but due to extra family responsibilities they kill their constructively. But now after today all housewives can show their skills and could work directly from their homes.

Why Kids Require Money: 
In 21st century teens are the most important weapon of a country. Try considered as most intelligent part of a nation as their brains are full of productive and astonishing ideas. So if you are a teen and want to convert your ideas into money then you are at the right place. (This is the reason why I wish if I had not wasted my 2 years)

1. Make More Money With YouTube By Creating Videos:

When ever it comes to best online video broadcasting the first word arrives in our mind is YOUTUBE. It is the most used online video streaming website which is only one to rank among top 10 websites. So if you want to make money, YouTube is an ideal place for you. You can create Video Tutorials, video blogging and can monetize it with Adsense. You will be paid not only for ad clicks but also for your video views. But to earn money with it, is to become Partner with YouTube which is the only problem for those who has no partnership program available in their country. 

2. Create a Blog and Start Blogging:

Well the easiest way to earn money is to entertain other by create a blog. You can start your blog on any specific niche which you like mainly i.e. Make money online, Blogger, WordPress, Designing and etc. But once your start blogging you must need to wait for 2 to 3 months to get the attention of audience. This is the only reason why new bloggers get dishearten due to no audience and hence stop blogging. So when ever you start a blog no matter if you get any audience in first few months do not stop blogging. Post at least one post per day, publishing multiple posts per day will multiply the chances of getting audience attention. 

3. Freelancing – Become a writer:

Freelancing is the most desirable term for those who loves to write basically Freelancing means to write for others. And whenever you write a high quality article you get paid according to the rates. It is one of the best alternatives for students and housewives as
  • They can work when they like
  • They can select the parameters of working
  • They can work on the selected niche
  • They can work on the specific interest

4. Make money with Hubpages/Squidoo :

Many people consider Hubpages and Squidoo, these are the leading blogging websites which allow users to monetize their articles with Adsense. You can write any article regarding any topic at Hubpages and Squidoo. Once you published your article and if it was highly professional then you will receive thousands of page views on your article and hence it will increase traffic to your Adsense. If you have an Adsense account then it’s worth considering.

So, this option is really good for those who don’t want to build their own blog from ground level. And any one who don’t know SEO but want to earn then these two sites are perfect for you. All you need to do is to associate your Adsense account with any of these websites and see your earning fly high.  

5. Data Entry Jobs – Work at Home:

This is another most popular money making method which is vastly used by many people. You just need to type texts (All the Data is Provided), removing mistakes, correcting the format of article and etc. But some time it seems pretty boring but it’s worth considering

6. Paid To Click Programs:

If you are a kid or a young teenager and you are unaware of the technology like Blogging, SEO, Article Writing and etc but you want to earn online then Paid to Click is the simplest way of doing that. In paid to click programs all you need to do is to click on advertisements and for clicking each advertisement you get paid, simple enough. But it also has some problems like
  • The quantity of Advertisements is very less
  • You only get 4 to 5 advertisements per day
  • You only receive 0.01 bucks for per click
But on the other hand, if you have an entire online community of friend then you can refer it to your friends and if he register on the site with your refer and he start working on Paid to Click Program then you will get 50% commission for referring your friend.

7. Earn more money with Adsense:

Adsense is the top most advertising program. If you have a blog and you site has good traffic then it’s worth considering Adsense. It is a Paid To Click program, if any one clicks your advertisement you get paid. 

8. Sell Products on EBAY and AMAZON:

Ebay and Amazon are the leading website where people put advertisement to sell their products. And if any one likes your product then buyer will contact you to purchase the item. If you are good in buying products then you can perchance a product in cheap rates and sell the same product in high price and can enjoy the profit!

9. They Ask And You Answer:

If you are good at any subject i.e. Math, English, Physics, Biology, Humanities and etc. Then you can help other by solving their questions. All you need to do is to give the answer of the question correctly with at least one reason. There are many website which offer Question & Answer, so these websites hire you to answer those questions. So if you are intelligent enough then give it a try.

10. Play Games To Earn:        

You know by playing online games you can earn some money, don’t believe me!! See the fact behind it. There are many game developing companies that pays the gamers for testing out their games by playing it for hours. And after playing (Testing out) games you have to share your experience what you liked and disliked. Basically it a marketing strategy to learn what is the problems in the games before releasing it publicly. Spending few thousand dollars on testing a game could save a million dollar game So it brings benefits for both gamers and owners.

11. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate is one of the simplest ways to earn, it refers to Affiliate marketing to promote a certain product or service to customers. For instance: If I bought a specific product and after going through, I recommend the same product to you. And I ask you to buy the product with my referral. When you buy it, the product company will pay me a certain percentage of your purchase, which is known as commission. This chain would keep on going, if you continue to refer others

The all time popular affiliate companies like eBay, Amazon and etc also works same as mentioned above. You might be interested in this
  • Maximize Your Earning With New Google Affiliate Ads
So it’s my only hope that these eventful ways would lead you to earn more money online. But to earn online it’s important to stop wasting your time on un colorful stuff like Facebook, gaming, social media and etc. It does not bring any thing to you instead it takes your precious time. So I hope these ways will bring dazzling experience to you and you’re earning. So guys this is it, Peace blessings and happy earning.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


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On internet hundreds  ways of earning money online.But i tell you some simple and origional ways of earning money online.Large number of peoples use these ways.

1.with blog or website
2.with youtube
3.with dailymotion
4.with writing on ads
6.sharing videos
7.earn with apps
8.earn with vimeo
9.earn with teaching

 and  hundreds of other ways of earn money online.But simple way of earning with blog.
If you wants to earn with website then use sites given blow.These sites also called ads networks.
1.Google adsense
3.Buysell ads
And other networks but  i tell you about these networks next time.
If you earn with writing articals then you use
This is trusted.
Pay for click sites are large in number e.g clicksense,neobux e.t.c.But i am using trafficmonsoon it is better and trusted.
Some companies give money for sharing videos.But in this type of earning dailymotion is famous and trusted.
If you are knew in these projects and not know how to use earn from these things then comment me.I  will help you as soon as possible.
Read artical and enjoy free.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Top 13 Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks

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Best PPC Ad Networks

PPC ad networks are pretty much proven models that can provide profits for webmasters who publish ads using them.
But which CPC/PPC ad network should you join? or which one is the top ppc ad network? So, here we have for you, the 13 Top Ad Networks (PPC).
Before we start, we’d like to let you know that rating them can be a problem, but there are ways in which you can determine which one is best for your monetization needs.
One of the more obvious ways to see if a network is any good would be the traffic volume it generates and how many advertisers it has. More advertisers means more people people competing for your ad space.
Just as important, you should find out about their ads’ conversion rate. Finally, there’s also the average click pricing to consider.
The basic question is: which PPC ad network will make you the most money or which one is the best ad network? Irrespective of what network you use or plan to use, I recommend to A/B test ad placements, size to improve your click-through-rates and eCPM (Disclaimer: AdPushup is an Ad Revenue tool which does this testing to improve ad revenues from ad networks)
With the following ad networks, you’ll get the best possible odds of making money off ads. There’s no such thing as a sure thing, but you may as well arm yourself with the most promising ad network candidates:
1) Google AdSense
No list of this type would be complete without mentioning the Google Ad network (The Undisputed King of PPC Ad networks or easily the best ad network). For bloggers and other website owners, the place to go is Google AdSense. One of the main benefits of AdSense is that Google works with millions of advertisers (it’s Google’s main source of income) and this makes it more likely that they can deliver ads that are both relevant and high quality which in turns leads to a higher CTR and more money for you. As the website owner, you can control just what types of ads appear on pages of your site. You’ll have access to reports and metrics which can show just how effective your website is working for you. It’s very easy to use, and there are no signup fee involved. If, you already use Adsense, read some testing and optimization tips to increase your Adsense earnings. You’ll get to display ads that are associated with the interests of your visitors, and you get paid depending on the number of visitors who click on the ads on your site. You can also put in a custom search bars on your site, and earn money from the ads that appear on the search results page. You just need to have sufficient ad space and decide where the ads should go. Advertisers then participate in a real time auction to appear in your ad spaces and the highest paying ads then appear on your reserved ad spaces. This video shows you how the auction works. A lot of people make money from Adsense, so what’s the catch? If Google AdSense is so good, why doesn’t everyone use it? The simple reason why- not everyone uses Adsense is that not everyone is approved to join the network. You have to be approved, and that means you have to comply with all the conditions Google has laid out. For example, if the primary language you use in your ad is not among their list of supported languages, then you’re out of luck.
Many former AdSense members have also been suspended because they’ve been accused of click fraud. Of course, being accused is not the same as being guilty, but Google is both your accuser and judge. If they say they’re suspending your account, there’s not much you can do. You can appeal, but since you’re also appealing to Google… well, you get the idea. So make sure your never completely dependent on it. So despite the Google monolith, there’s space for ad network alternatives out there.
2) Media Net
This is the Yahoo-Bing ad network and this PPC ad network pretty much gives you an idea of just how dominant Google’s PPC ad network is. Internet giants like Yahoo and Microsoft actually had to combine their efforts and resources in order to offer a viable ad network alternative to AdSense. Media Net gives you relevant ads, and you also have tools to track your performance in real time. You can control how the ads look so that they fit right in with your color palette, and you can filter advertisers and block ad topics. While the number of advertisers can actually compare to Google’s, the conditions for being approved may actually be more difficult for many international bloggers. Aside from the usual conditions such as having high quality traffic and content, your site’s visitors should mostly come from the US, Canada, or the UK. You’re also required to use English as your site’s primary language.
3) Bidvertiser
While not quite as well-known as the first two, Bidvertiser does have some benefits especially if you’ve been banned from AdSense for some reason. If you have a website and you want to join, there are the usual conditions such as not allowing adult sites as well as those sites that sell illegal drugs and those with too much profanity and hate speech. You can’t join if your website is under construction, or if your site already has too much advertising to begin with. However, many have commented that the approval process is quick and easy because there seems to be no requirement regarding traffic volume and language used. There’s an easy installation with an HTML code to be added to your webpages, and you can easily change the appearance of the ads. The payout may not be as high per click, but you earn money not just on clicks but on conversions as well. Conversions are when the clicking visitor goes to the advertiser’s website and actually makes a purchase. There are still problems, though. If you are focused on a small niche, then the ads that appear may not be all that relevant to your site. And the reporting is not quite as detailed as they ought to be; you don’t get a lot of info regarding impressions or click through rates.
4) Chitika
While the AdSense-deprived website owners may be flocking to alternatives, the thing about Chitika is that you can use it alongside other ad networks. It is also considered one of the best ad networks for adsense banned sites. Approval can take a while (it may take up to a week), but then you only need to have one of your websites approved. After you obtain the approval for that one website, you can then use Chitika for any of your other websites. You can also resize mobile ads to make it easier for you to generate income from mobile traffic. The pay per click rates will of course depend on the keywords and niche, and the PPC rates may be considered lower than other ad networks in general. But, there’s a low pay out limit before you get your money. You’ll need to generate $50 if you want your money by check but if taking payment through PayPal the limit is only $10. The main difference between Chitika and the other ad networks is that the ads aren’t contextual at all. Instead, the ads depend on the keywords that the visitor typed in the search engine to get to your site. This can result in somewhat more relevant ads too.
Chitika Ad Network
Chitika Ad Network
5) Infolinks
The Infolinks PPC ad network is one of the more popular supplementary income sources for those who already use one of the major PPC ad networks. That’s because the ads here are comparatively unobtrusive—they don’t have standard banner space. Instead, the ads (insearch, intext, intag, inframe) appear minimized or in hyperlinks, and visitors need only to hover their mouse pointers over the links for the ads to appear. Approval time is quite short, and that’s because it’s based mainly on content and not on the amount of traffic you generate. The installation is easy with java script added to the body of your site. You can even use a plugin that does the work for you if you use WordPress, joomla, Blogger, or Drupal. You have a lot of control over the ads as to location and number, and the support system is very quick to respond. To maximize your earnings, however, you’ll need a lot of traffic from the US or UK. Infolinks also only offer ads in English and Spanish.
6) Clicksor
This is another haven of AdSense exiles, and the thing about Clicksor ads is that it doesn’t look quite like the ads in AdSense (which many ad networks seem to emulate). There are numerous sizes available to make your ads look different, and there are unique types of ads as well. It’s also very easy to install, and like Infolinks there’s a plugin if you use WordPress, joomla, Blogger, or Drupal. The approval process is quite quick, and you can have ads from other networks on the same page as long as you only have 3 ad units from Clicksor at the most.
7) Vibrant Media
This is one of the more well-known PPC ad networks right now, and their premium brand advertisers can be seen in a lot of popular high traffic sites. Their PPC rates are among the highest in the industry, but the catch is that they just don’t let any website join in the fun. They have to consider your site to be a premium site, and one of the conditions seems to be that you ought to get at least half a million page views each month. The usual publisher guidelines are also in play, so this means you can’t have anything to do with adult, gambling, drugs, profanity, hate speech, violence (you can’t even sell stun guns), or just about anything illegal. The types of ads Vibrant Media has are quite innovative, with 11 intext ad formats available to use. This includes expanding video boxes, multi-button videos and expandable flash. There’s also in-image advertising, which a lot of visitors find professional and unobtrusive. The ads are so effective that the click through rates can be 5 times higher than the ads generated by AdSense. They also look great on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. So if you are already successful in luring lots of visitors to your site, you can leverage that popularity by joining Vibrant Media and partnering with other premium advertisers.
8) Exit Junction
For many website owners, bounced traffic (when a visitor enters your site and takes just a single look before leaving) may be generally considered worthless. After all, they didn’t stay long enough to visit the other pages, and therefore they didn’t click on the ads on the site. But the appropriately named Exit Junction allows you to supplement your PPC advertising income by showing these visitors, ad they can click on so that you earn money. When you have Exit Junction installed, and your visitors click on the back button after seeing the landing page they don’t go straight back to the search engine page results they usually came from. Instead, they are taken to a list of sponsored results based on the keywords they typed. For those who decide to explore, their user experience is unaffected. The review and approval process to enter is very quick, and you don’t need to generate lots of traffic to be accepted. (That’s a relief if you have high bounce rates!) Installation is quite easy, and your income from Exit Junction doesn’t compete at all with the ads from other ad networks featured on your site. Since the visitor has effectively decided to leave your site when they see the ads, you don’t have a say on how the ads appear.
9) PocketCents
It’s a pretty straightforward ad network with fixed rates for PPC. For publishing websites, there’s no sign up or upfront costs, and there’s restrictions regarding page views per month. They earn money from plain-text, hybrid, banner, and video-advertisements. You may need some skills to set up the ads, but after the setup very little effort from you is required for maintenance. Payout is mainly through PayPal, with a $10 minimum payout. For webmasters in the United States, Canada, and in some European countries, there’s a check option as well. The fixed PPC rate scheme for Pocketcents goes like this: the ad network charges 25 cents per click for advertisers, and from that you get 15 cents as a publisher.
Pocketcents Ad Network
While in its early years there were complaints about some snafus regarding the reports, but lately they’ve seem to have made the appropriate improvements about this. The advertising base is also growing rapidly, which ought to give you lots of options.
10) Blogads
With a name like that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the ad network focuses its efforts on helping blogs maximize their profits through PPC ads. If your blog discusses just about anything under the sun then advertisers may wait until you have at least half a million impressions per month before they start to advertise on your site. But if you focus on a very narrow niche (you’re all about werewolves or Chilean football players) then even 30k impressions per month may suffice. As a publisher, you control your own ad offerings and prices, so the income you generate is all up to you.
11) Kontera
Getting into Kontera seems easy and quick enough, and as long as you don’t have any adult content you should have no problems. The installation is easy and they also have a plugin for WordPress, joomla, Blogger, or Drupal. The ads look impressive enough that you won’t be embarrassed by them, and they have a large ad inventory. The rates are decent too, and you even get $50 bonus if your site gets at least 25 thousand page views in the first month with Kontera. They specialize in “in-text” advertising, and they are focused more on the user’s search terms.
12) CPX Interactive
You can sign up easily with this PPC ad network, but approval may take a bit of time. That’s because CPX Interactive checks to see if you have at least 30 thousand impressions per month, and that your privacy policy complies with the CPX conditions regarding use of data. But then again they allow you to choose another ad network to work with alongside CPX. There are lots of choices regarding the types and sizes of ads, and the account management system, dashboard and reporting tools are quite comprehensive. But you’re on your own when it comes to analyzing the data, which for non-techies can be quite frustrating. The minimum payout is $100, and it’s either by check or through PayPal.
13) Click Booth
Clickbooth’s CPC Network leverages years of performance based marketing knowledge to yield the highest eCPM’s in the industry from compliant, high performing campaigns. By cutting a layer out of the equation, Clickbooth is able to outperform the competition by 30-40%. With revenue share and CPM models available, CBCPChas quickly become the “go to” ad-serving solution for all the top Comscore and Alexa properties. Currently, CBCPC serves over 6.5 Billion impressions a month on some of the most premium, sought after sites in the US and abroad including NBC, FOX and more.
When asked about why Publishers should choose ClickBooth, this is what Chris Butlin, Director of CBCPC Publishing had to say “Publishers should choose CBCPC because our industry experts are dedicated to creating long term monetization solutions for your site. We provide our clients access to the largest network of premium advertisers automatically delivered to their site through advanced algorithms. These algorithms factor in consumer feedback mechanisms to determine the most compatible ads for the site’s psychographics and demographics”.

Sulvo’s Management Interface
Bonus: 14) Sulvo
Sulvo is actually not an ad network but a fundamentally different startup that is focused on getting the highest quality online ad buyers to premium publishers and having them as close to each other as possible. Among the offerings there is a 100% Revenue Share plan which only has a flat-rate cost so publishers can actually limit Sulvo’s earnings while raising their own profits. There is the possibility to waive the flat-rate cost in case if the publisher elects for a revenue share plan in which Sulvo will only take 10%. There are also a complete set of inventory controls which covers everything that premium publishers might need such as numerous ad sizes and ad color variations, different ad types (display, video and mobile), manual or automated pricing controls and buyer blocking for any category, advertiser or specific ad creative. Payments are sent out on a net 60 basis and the payout methods include: Wire Transfer, Paper Check, Direct Deposit, Paypal and even Bitcoins however that is in closed beta as of right now.

So that’s it. That’s 14 CPC ad networks (can also be considered the top ad networks) to choose from, and this list ought to give you an additional zing in your income column. In case that’s not enough, networks, you can look at. You can also Take your earnings to the next level and optimize any ad network  on your website using our ad revenue optimization tool. With a dozen options, there’s at least one that will make you some serious money! Do post your comments about your experience with the networks after trying them.

Friday, 15 May 2015

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Over 40 Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money Blogging

Google AdSense Alternatives
Google AdSense is undoubtedly the best advertising network out there that follows a pay-per-click advertising model. When Google AdSense was first launched they were accepting almost all websites with over 100 content rich pages and that comply with their basic program policies. So almost anyone was able to get an AdSense account (even with scraped content) in less than a week or two.
But today, your website must not only comply with Google AdSense Program Policies but must also comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines. It means that you they can deny your AdSense application if your website is selling text links or is hosting copyrighted content, etc. Even if your website complies with these program policies and guidelines they may still reject the application based on the content quality.
Is It Possible To Make Money Blogging Without Google AdSense?
Google AdSense
In a word, Yes. But what you should know is that Google AdSense is almost unassailable when it comes to monetization simply because they have the largest ad inventory. Since pay-per-click ad networks determines the cost per click based on bidding, when more and more advertisers are bidding for the same ad position the cost per click increases naturally. That exactly is the reason why AdSense outperforms any other ad networks out there.
And that doesn’t mean that you can’t make more money that you used to make with AdSense from other networks. For instance, if you use the right affiliate program then its earnings may be more than all your ad revenues combined. But the problem with affiliate programs is that they’re not so reliable. For example, if your organic rankings drop then it will impact your earnings directly or if those affiliate programs reduce commissions or change their business model then it may affect your earnings. So it’s not a good idea to rely on affiliate programs alone in the long term.
So what are the options and alternatives to Google AdSense?
Luckily there are a lot of websites to monetize our content in several ways without using AdSense. Some of them are: banner ad networks (for CPM ads), affiliate networks (for CPA ads), alternate pay-per-click ad networks (for CPC ads), text links, sponsored posts, paid guest posts, in-text ads, in-image ads, etc.
You can consider these AdSense alternatives if Google – banned your account for whatever reason, denied your application, or if you want to try something else or if you don’t want to depend upon AdSense income alone.

Sell PPC Ads: The 7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

I have reviewed few pay-per-click ad networks, in-text ad networks, CPM ad networks, and other ways to monetize your content. If you’re looking for Cost Per Action (CPA) or Pay Per Lead (PPL) networks then check out the Top 10 Affiliate Networks for affiliate marketing which is again an alternative to Google AdSense. You can place ads from almost all the below mentioned networks along with your Google AdSense ads.

1. Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads (by is probably the best alternative to AdSense as it’s powered by Yahoo Bing Network. Bing has a search market share of around 18% and they also have a good ad inventory. I’ve tried few months back and the average CPM was better than any other AdSense alternatives. Also, if you’re from Russia or your targeted visitors live in Russia then then you can tryYandex Advertising Network instead of
  • Alexa Rank: 2,374
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $100 (PayPal); $500 (Wire Transfer)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Wire Transfer
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
  • Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual AdsSign Up | FAQ

2. Clicksor

ClicksorClicksor is one of the best Google AdSense alternative which allows publishers to display advertisements related to their website content by using their contextual technology. You can place Clicksor ads along with Google AdSense ads and can even set minimum prices for CPV, CPC, CPM and CPI ads. The ad formats include Inline Text Links, Text banners, Graphical banners, Pop-unders and Interstitial ads. You receive up to 85% of the ad income and can earn extra income by referring other publishers. Clicksor pays 10% additional income every time you refer a publisher or advertiser to Clicksor network.
  • Alexa Rank: 1,312
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $50 (PayPal, Check); $1,000 (Wire Transfer)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click, Cost Per Impression
  • ClicksorSign Up | FAQ

3. Superlinks

Superlinks is an ad network that offers a variety of products like — premium banner ads, full page ads, footer ads, tower ads, exit links, etc. You can create multiple ad units on a single page (up to 5 ad units per page). Superlinks has partnered with DoubleClick Ad Exchange, OpenX and other premium ad networks so that it can offer higher CPM than Google AdSense (because of higher ad inventory). It’s worth a try when your traffic quality is high and the AdSense earnings is low.
  • Alexa Rank: 37,719
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $100 (PayPal & Payoneer); $500 (Wire Transfer)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
Superlinks: Sign Up | FAQ

4. BidVertiser

BidVertiserBidVertiser is another top alternative to Google AdSense which pays you for valid clicks on ads placed on your website as well as for conversions generated from those clicks. You display ads on your website or blog and advertisers bid against each other so that you earn the maximum cost per click.
  • Alexa Rank: 1,364
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $10 (PayPal); $100 (Check)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
  • BidVertiserSign Up | FAQ

5. Chitika

ChitikaChitika is an online advertising network that allows publishers to display ads on their website, blog, app or mobile site. They offers publishers and advertisers user targeted, search targeted, mobile and local ads for websites, blogs, apps and mobile sites. As a publisher you can also refer other publishers to them and earn 10% of their CPC revenue for up to 10 months from their approval date.
  • Alexa Rank: 2,326
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $10 (PayPal); $50 (Check)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
  • ChitikaSign Up | FAQ

6. Sovrn (formerly Lijit)

LijitLijit offers many advertising options like remnant banner ads, homepage takeovers, rich media ads, contextual ads, image ads, social engagement ads, etc. They say they have direct partnership with major ad agencies and networks to maximize your CPMs.
  • Alexa Rank: 2,326
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $10 (PayPal); $50 (Check)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
  • LijitSign Up | FAQ

7. Yllix

Yllix is an ad network that supports CPM, CPC, CPA and even Pop Up ads. You can earn additional income by referring new advertisers and publishers. When you refer an advertiser, you get $100 bonus plus 1% of lifetime ad spend. And when you refer a publisher, you get $50 bonus plus 2% of lifetime publisher earnings.
  • Alexa Rank: 8,455
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $10 (PayPal); $500 (Wire Transfer)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Wire Transfer
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Action, Pop Up Ads
Yllix: Sign Up | FAQ
Also try, AdSupplySwitchAds

Sell Direct Ads

If your website is in a competitive niche and is getting good traffic then you can sell direct ads. It works the best when you have banner ad spots on your website so that potential advertisers can contact you to buy those ad spots. For some big publishers, selling direct advertising is their only way of monetization because they can control the CPM and thereby their income. All you need to do is to create an “Advertise” page on your blog or website with your Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Traffic Statistics (by Google Analytics) and the available ad formats with their rates per month. Or you can try the following networks to make selling easier.

8. BuySellAds

BuySellAdsBuySellAds is an online advertising network where publishers can list their ad inventory. You get access to thousands of advertisers through their market place. The BuySellAds network supports web, mobile web, RSS, Tweets, apps (desktop, iOS, Android) and e-mail. BuySellAds is a good alternative to AdSense and is used by most professional bloggers.
  • Alexa Rank: 2,041
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $20 (PayPal); $50 (Check); $500 (Wire Transfer)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression, Fixed Rate Banner Ads, Sponsored Tweets
  • BuySellAdsSign Up | FAQ

9. Beacon Ads

Beacon Ads is an alternative to BuySellAds. In fact, the user interface of Beacon Ads looks just like BuySellAds. But the thing is…. Beacon Ads takes 30% commission, while it’s only 25% at BuySellAds.
  • Alexa Rank: 127,420
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $20 (PayPal); $50 (Check)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression, Fixed Rate Banner Ads
Beacon Ads: Sign Up | FAQ

10. BlogAds

BlogAds specializes in blog advertising and it’s comparable to BuySellAds. You can sell ads directly to advertisers, and can set the prices by yourself. You can earn an additional 15% revenue by referring new advertisers (they take 30% commission for all ad sales).
  • Alexa Rank: 47,002
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $75 (PayPal); $750 (Check & Wire Transfer)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer
  • Programs Offered: Fixed Rate Banner Ads, Sponsored Tweets
BlogAds: Sign Up | FAQ

11. DoubleClick For Publishers

DoubleClick For Publishers
DoubleClick by Google offers publishers a complete ad revenue engine and it helps you to manage your ads so effectively that you can capture the most value for every page view that your website receives. If you are unable to find advertisers by yourself then BuySellAds may be a better choice but they do charge 25% commission. DoubleClick is a self-serve ad platform that is so flexible that you can control your entire ad inventory using only this platform. If your website is popular then you get inquiries from potential advertisers and in that case DoubleClick gets you the best value for every page view.

Sell Text Links

If you have a good quality website then it’s super easy to make money selling text links because advertisers are willing to spend thousands of dollars to improve their organic ranking. But wait, selling text links is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and they may even ban your website from its search results unless the links are rel=”nofollow”.

12. Matomy SEO

Matomy SEO
Matomy SEO (formerly connects you to high quality advertisers who are looking for relevant websites to buy text links. They place text link ads on your website so that your earnings don’t depend upon the clicks or page views of your website – you get a flat rate for a 30-day period.
  • Alexa Rank: 11,337
  • Minimum Payment Amount: No Minimum (PayPal, Payoneer); $25 (Check)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Payoneer, Check
  • Programs Offered: Fixed Rate Text Link Ads
  • Matomy SEOSign Up | FAQ

13. LinkWorth

LinkWorth is another popular text link ad network and it’s alternative to Matomy SEO. With LinkWorth, you can monetize your website using text link ads, paid blog reviews, in-text ads, in-content pay per click ads, rotating text ads, hosted content pages and many more.
  • Alexa Rank: 17,066
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $25 (PayPal); $100 (Check, Wire Transfer, EFT)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, EFT (US Only)
  • Programs Offered: Text Link Ads, Content Ads, Banner Ads, Sponsored Reviews
  • LinkWorthSign Up | FAQ

14. Text Link Brokers

Text Link Brokers
Text Link Brokers makes selling links easy because they find link buyers related to your website that you actually want to link to. They also have a Hosted Marketing Pages program similar to a sponsored review in which you host a new page on your website with unique content and embedded links.
    • Alexa Rank: 10,595
    • Minimum Payment Amount: N/A
    • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check
    • Programs Offered: Text Link Ads, Sponsored Reviews
    • Text Link BrokersSign Up | FAQ

15. Adbeans

Adbeans is a text link ad network that works with publishers who want to sell text links on their website or blogs. When you sign up for Adbeans you will get text link ad offers in your account so that you can accept or deny it. When you accept an offer they pay you a fixed rate for each text link that you place on your website.
  • Alexa Rank: 56,057
  • Minimum Payment Amount: GBP 20
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal
  • Programs Offered: Text Link Ads
  • AdbeansSign Up | FAQ

16. is a text link marketplace that connects advertisers and publishers. You can sell links on your website and get payments every month in advance by adding their codes on your webpages. The pricing of text links are based on your website’s Google PageRank, topic, link profile, etc.
  • Alexa Rank: 29,581
  • Minimum Payment Amount: Unknown
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Webmoney, Check, Wire Transfer
  • Programs Offered: Text Link Ads
  • TNXSign Up | FAQ
Also try, LinkAdageDigital Point, and WarriorForum which are alternate marketplaces for buying and selling text links.

    Sell Sponsored Reviews

    Once again, selling sponsored articles without rel=”nofollow” is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. But it’s the easiest way to make money blogging as you can earn at least $50 per sponsored review if you have a good quality blog.

    17. Sponsored Reviews

    Sponsored Reviews
    Sponsored Reviews is a blog advertising network that allows you to build backlinks, increase traffic and improve search engine rankings of your website. If you’re a blogger then you can make money by reviewing advertiser’s websites.
    • Alexa Rank: 6,055
    • Minimum Payment Amount: No Minimum
    • Payment Method(s): PayPal
    • Programs Offered: Fixed Rate Sponsored Reviews
    • SponsoredReviewsSign Up | FAQ

    18. PayU2Blog

    PayU2Blog is a a blog network that pays you to blog. When you become their member you will get writing assignments. Basically you will be asked to review a product or a service. And you have to write only your honest opinion about a product or a service and don’t have to endorse it.
      • Alexa Rank: 8,591
      • Minimum Payment Amount: N/A
      • Payment Method(s): PayPal
      • Programs Offered: Fixed Rate Sponsored Reviews
      • PayU2BlogSign Up | FAQ

    19. Blogsvertise

    Blogsvertise allows you to monetize your blog in several ways. You can make money by displaying banner ads, selling text link ads, or sponsored posts. The ad rates depend upon the pricing set by you and the demand for that ad spot.
      • Alexa Rank: 10,029
      • Minimum Payment Amount: N/A
      • Payment Method(s): PayPal
      • Programs Offered: Fixed Rate Sponsored Reviews, Banner Ads, Text Link Ads
      • BlogsvertiseSign Up | FAQ

    20. ReviewMe

    ReviewMe allows you to make money by reviewing products you find interesting. Price is determined by the reach of your blog. Reviews can range from $40 to $500 per review and it will be a one time fee.
    • Alexa Rank: 62,596
    • Minimum Payment Amount: No Minimum (PayPal); $25 (Check, Prepaid Card)
    • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check, ReviewMe Prepaid MasterCard
    • Programs Offered: Fixed Rate Sponsored Reviews
    • ReviewMeSign Up | FAQ

    Pop Under & Pop Up Ads

    I’m not a fan of pop up or pop under ads and I never tried those on any of my websites. But I feel that it’s a good advertising option for traffic heavy websites like downloads, image hosting, file sharing, etc. Why? For those kind of websites showing a couple of pop-under or pop-up ads won’t affect the user experience in a big way but if you place these kind of ads on your blog then it will affect user experience and your visitors may never return.

    21. PopAds

    PopAds appears to be the best advertising popunder ad network as the average revenue of their publishers for 1,000 U.S. visitors was never below $4. If it’s true then I think it can deliver better results than AdSense itself. You can request payment anytime you want or may use that money to buy advertising for your own websites.
      • Alexa Rank: 207
      • Minimum Payment Amount: $5 (PayPal and AlertPay); $500 (Wire Transfer)
      • Payment Method(s): PayPal, AlertPay, Wire Transfer
      • Programs Offered: Cost Per View
      • PopAdsSign Up | FAQ

    22. InfinityAds

    InfinityAds (or Paypopup) is another Pop Underand Pop Up ad network that pays you for every thousand impressions shown on your website. The average payment rate according to their website is $1.80 per 1,000 impressions. All the websites gets auto approval and the minimum payout is just $5.
    • Alexa Rank: 26,412
    • Minimum Payment Amount: $5
    • Payment Method(s): Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer
    • Programs Offered: Cost Per View
    • InfinityAdsSign Up | FAQ

    23. CPMoz

    CPMoz is a pop under advertising network that shares up to 70% revenue. Your earnings depends upon the traffic quality of your website, and you can also earn additional revenue by referring other advertisers (10% of their ad spending) or publishers (10% of their earnings).
    • Alexa Rank: 22,200
    • Minimum Payment Amount: $5
    • Payment Method(s): PayPal
    • Programs Offered: Cost Per View
    CPMoz: Sign Up | FAQ

    In-Text Advertising Networks

    In-Text advertising can’t be considered as an alternative to Google AdSense but you can use it along with AdSense or any other contextual ad networks like BidVertiser or Clicksor.

    24. Infolinks

    Infolinks is the leader in in-text advertising which offers 70% revenue share even if you’re a newbie blogger. Infolinks follows a pay-per-click advertising model. Whenever a visitor hovers over one of these double-underlined words, an ad related to what they’re reading appears and you get paid every time a reader clicks on one of those ads. They offer advertising options like: insearch ads, intext ads, intag ads, inframe ads.
    • Alexa Rank: 1,127
    • Minimum Payment Amount: $50 (PayPal, eCheck); $100 (Wire Transfer, WU)
    • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Wire Transfer, eCheck, Western Union, Payoneer
    • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
    • InfolinksSign Up | FAQ

    25. Kontera

    Kontera discovers the best editorial content and dynamically delivers brands’ advertising, content and social assets for optimal results. Their In Text ads are a highly effective and profitable online advertising solution for websites and blogs.
    • Alexa Rank: 20,403
    • Minimum Payment Amount: $50
    • Payment Method(s): Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer
    • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
    • KonteraSign Up | FAQ

    In-Image Advertising Networks

    If your website or blog is image heavy then you can turn your images into ad inventory with the following in-image advertising networks. They place targeted ads over images so that you’ll make money on a cost per view or cost per click basis.

    26. GumGum

    GumGum is one of the largest in-image advertising (In-image advertising is a term used to describe targeted ads overlaid on images) platform, reaching over 150 million unique users worldwide. GumGum doesn’t require any minimum number of visitors but they require at least 500,000 monthly page views targeting U.S. based audience.
    • Alexa Rank: 21,430
    • Minimum Payment Amount: $50
    • Payment Method(s): Check, PayPal
    • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression
    • GumGumSign Up | FAQ

    27. Luminate

    Luminate makes images interactive. They offer an Image App Platform, which enables consumers to conduct their favorite online activities such as shopping, sharing, commenting and navigating directly from a picture. Luminate publishers can offer innovative consumer features that increase audience engagement, website traffic and drive incremental revenue.
    • Alexa Rank: 30,969
    • Minimum Payment Amount: $10
    • Payment Method(s): Check, PayPal
    • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression, Cost Per Click
    • LuminateSign Up | FAQ

    CPM Ad Networks

    CPM (Cost Per Mille) stands for Cost Per 1,000 Impressions. A high paying CPM advertising network is actually the best alternative to Google AdSense. As you probably know, Google AdSense (or any other pay per click network) pays for only clicks so it means that your monthly income varies a lot as AdSense CPC/CPM is very volatile. A CPM network pays you for every 1,000 page views you generate. So it means that if the CPM set by your CPM Network is $1 then you will earn $30 per month (if you generate 1,000 page views daily or 30,000 page views per month). High traffic websites and blogs rely on CPM networks than CPC networks since it generates guaranteed income.

    28. Technorati Media

    Technorati Media
    Technorati Media is one of largest social media advertising network which accepts sites with great original content and deliver targeted campaigns from top brands at high CPMs.
    • Alexa Rank: 10,575
    • Minimum Payment Amount: $50
    • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check
    • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression
    • Technorati MediaSign Up | FAQ

    29. Yes Advertising by Clicksor

    Yes Advertising
    Yes Advertising is a new ad network by Clicksor that allows you to make money through their CPM program. They say their publishers are currently earning an average of $5 CPM.
    • Alexa Rank: 11,064
    • Minimum Payment Amount: $50 (PayPal, Check); $1,000 (Wire Transfer)
    • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer
    • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression
    • Yes AdvertisingSign Up

    30. Burst Media

    Burst Media
    Burst Media gives you high CPMs, quality campaigns and full control of which ads run on your site.
    • Alexa Rank: 10,174
    • Minimum Payment Amount: $50
    • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check, Electronic Funds Transfer (US Only)
    • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression
    • Burst MediaSign Up | FAQ

    31. PulsePoint

    PulsePoint (formerly ContextWeb) is one of the top CPM (Cost Per Mille) Network that exists today. With PulsePoint you can set your own prices. Set your current eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) so that the advertisers compete to beat your current eCPM. If they don’t beat your current eCPM then it will show backup ads from other networks like Google AdSense. So, you’ll always make the maximum money when you work with PulsePoint.
    • Alexa Rank: 15,863
    • Minimum Payment Amount: $50
    • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check, Electronic Funds Transfer (US Only)
    • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression
    • PulsePointSign Up

    32. Vibrant Media

    Vibrant Media
    Vibrant Media have over 6,000 premium publishers, reaching over 250 million unique users per month. Some of the products are Vibrant Image, Vibrant In-Text Ads, Vibrant Display, Vibrant Related Content and Vibrant Lightbox.
    • Alexa Rank: 24,228
    • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression, Cost Per Click
    • Vibrant MediaSign Up | FAQ

    33. Gorilla Nation

    Gorilla Nation
    Gorilla Nation sells advertisements on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) model to advertisers and agencies around the globe.
    • Alexa Rank: 22,941
    • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression
    • Gorilla NationSign Up | FAQ

    Premium CPM Ad Networks

    If you have a high traffic website or a blog then you can apply for the following programs. They’re premium ad networks that offer maximum CPM.

    Content Platforms

    Forget pay-per-click ads, banner ads, affiliate programs, and everything else as there are even more ways to monetize your website. The earnings from the following content platforms primarily depends upon your website’s authority and not necessarily page views (unless it’s CPM).

    34. Taboola

    Taboola helps advertisers to acquire traffic to their website using content recommendation service. So if you’re a publisher then you can monetize your content by recommending content people may like, using Taboola personalized recommendations. Taboola monetizes your website with a premium CPM by inviting your users to discover high-quality articles and videos from Taboola’s marketplace.
      • Alexa Rank: 565
      • Programs Offered: Content Recommendation
      • TaboolaSign Up

    35. PostJoint

    PostJoint is a content blogger network that connects marketers and bloggers. You can mention the topics you blog about and can even set a minimum budget spent so that they will send you notifications when an advertiser is interested in buying an article on your blog. You will be paid $10 – $500 (or even more) depending upon your monthly unique visitors.
    • Alexa Rank: 4,266
    • Payment Method(s): PayPal
    • Programs Offered: Paid Guest Posts
    • PostJointSign Up | FAQ

    36. as the name suggests monetizes your website with premium ads that look and feel like content. Ads by links to a variety of high-quality sponsored content with user friendly images and headlines. And they offer high CPM guarantees for top publishers.
      • Alexa Rank: 15,468
      • Minimum Payment Amount: $50
      • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check
      • Programs Offered: Content Ads
      • Content.adSign Up | FAQ
    Also try, Adblade.

    37. Content BLVD

    Content BLVD
    Content BLVD is another content platform that connects brands and publishers. Advertisers submit quality sponsored posts or guest posts to a relevant blog and if it’s accepted then they will get paid. You will be paid $50 – $425 per sponsored blog post depending upon your website’s Moz Domain Authority. There’s no payment for guest posts but you will get a placement fee based on your domain authority.
    • Alexa Rank: 45,234
    • Minimum Payment Amount: N/A
    • Payment Method(s): PayPal
    • Programs Offered: Sponsored Posts & Guest Posts
    • Content BLVDSign Up | FAQ

    38. Written

    Written helps brands to increase their visibility and also helps bloggers to monetize their best content. licenses your content to other brands for a specific period of time and you’ll be making money on a monthly basis. It’s like you’re renting your content to someone else on a monthly basis so as long as they’re using your content you will make money.
    • Alexa Rank: 109,222
    • Minimum Payment Amount: N/A
    • Payment Method(s): PayPal
    • Programs Offered: Content Syndication
    • WrittenSign Up | FAQ

    Ad Networks For Women Bloggers

    Yes, the list is not over yet and the next list is for the women bloggers out there. If you’re a woman blogger then you can try the following ad networks as they’re looking for blogs written by women or blogs with female audience.

    39. BlogHer Publishing Network

    BlogHer Publishing Network is an ad network for women bloggers. They accept only high quality bloggers and are accepting new applications periodically so you may be on a waiting list when you apply. With BlogHer, you can make money by showing CPM ads and also by accepting their sponsored posts and reviews.
      • Alexa Rank: 4,154
      • Minimum Payment Amount: $25
      • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check
      • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression, Sponsored Posts
      • BlogHer Publishing NetworkSign Up | FAQ (unofficial)

    40. Foodie Blogroll Ad Network

    Foodie Blogroll
    Foodie Blogroll Ad Network is for the food bloggers or blogs with 75% food related content. You can make money from your blog by showing CPM banner ads and also by using your social media influence. If you’re an active social media user then you can accept sponsored posts and other sponsored content to make more money.
      • Alexa Rank: 83,203
      • Minimum Payment Amount: No Minimum
      • Payment Method(s): PayPal
      • Programs Offered: Cost Per Impression, Sponsored Posts
      • Foodie Blogroll Ad NetworkSign Up | FAQ