New Android games you must play in July 2015

We present you with the July 2015 edition of our monthly round-up of the best new Android games. This month, we have a fantastic new football game, a deadly outing for Hitman 47 and more. Further down, we've included games released in previous months, in case you missed them the first time around.

July 2015

Tiki Taka Soccer

There have been a few football games for Android that have tried to recreate that Sensible Soccer style, but this is the best attempt yet. Tika Taka Soccer is far more than just a throwback however, as the gameplay is wonderfully adapted to the touchscreen.
Play flowing one-touch football, score long-range screamers and even manage a team in this unique and brilliantly playable mobile homage to the beautiful game.
androidpit tiki taka soccer
Tika Taka Soccer is a surprisingly deep and satisfying football game. / © Panic Barn

Nubs' Adventure

Great-looking pixellated games are all the rage these days, and Nubs' Adventure is the latest to jump on the bandwagon. In this 2D platformer, you control Nubs, who is on a quest to rebuild his house after it was destroyed by the Reds. There are four worlds to go through, and levels weave and intertwine in that satisfying 'Metroidvania' way. There are some great boss set-pieces, and the puzzles will have you racking your brains while never leaving you frustrated.
androidpit nubs adventure
Nubs' Adventure is a charming and challenging 2D platformer. / © IMakeGames
Nubs' AdventureInstall on Google Play

Hitman: Sniper

The legendary anti-hero, Hitman 47, makes his second appearance on Android. This time, 47 features in a Gun Gallery sniping game reminiscent of the Hitman Sniper Challenge that came out on consoles a few years ago. Set in Montenegro, Sniper assigns you to kill targets across 150 missions. You can either shoot targets directly, or imaginatively use the environment to make them look like accidents. As you carry out the satisfyingly violent hits, you unlock weapon parts and blueprints to improve your arsenal. 
androidpit hitman sniper challenge
Hitman: Sniper is dark, violent, and extremely fun. / © SQUARE ENIX
Hitman: SniperInstall on Google Play

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

The second Square Enix game to look out for this month is Final Fantasy Tactics, which is a faithful recreation of the 2007 PSP version (itself is an enhanced version of the PS One classic). Tactics switches up the Final Fantasy formula by giving you a rotating squad of characters to use, letting you use terrain to your advantage, and carrying out battles on a square-based battlefield. It's been neatly ported to Android, and is well tailored to touch-screen controls.
androidpit final fantasy tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics is the latest Android port of the legendary Final Fantasy saga. / © SQUARE ENIX


No Android games list would be complete without a few Gameloft entries, and Siegefall is the latest strategy game from the prolific Android developer. Build up a fantasy army and take on millions of other players as you seek to make your kingdom supreme. You also need to build up your defences using traps, barricades and towers, because other players want to take you out as much as you do them. Siegefall may be yet another build-and-destroy game, but it's a very good one.
androidpit siegefall
Siegefall is yet another simple and addictive Android strategy game. / © Gameloft

June 2015

Desktop Dungeons

Rogue-likes are very en vogue these days (or rather en rogue, right?), and Desktop Dungeons jumps in on that trend. Despite being a PC port with a name that doesn't sound conducive to it being playable on a touchscreen, the fast nature and relatively small dungeon sizes of this game make it perfect for your Android tablet. Spellcast and slash your way through procedurally-generated dungeons, and defeat bosses to unlock new characters and items. It sounds great too, with music from Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy) and Grant Kirkhope (Goldeneye 64).
androidpit desktop dungeons
Desktop Dungeons is a great, fast-paced Rogue-like that can be played on tablets. / © Finji
Desktop DungeonsInstall on Google Play

Chaos Rings III

Easily the greatest RPG saga designed specifically for smartphones and tablets, the latest entry in Square Enix's fantasy JRPG series makes some big changes in the interface and graphics departments. It's a lot more vibrant and colorful than previous games in the series, and sees you forming a party of teenage heroes to head out into the world and hunt imaginatively-designed monsters. It's one of the deepest, most rewarding, and most expensive games on Android, demonstrating that the mobile platform is capable of more long-term 'hardcore' gaming.
androidpit chaos rings 3
Chaos Rings III continues the epic RPG saga, designed specifically for mobile devices. / © SQUARE ENIX

Earn to Die 2

The sequel to the hit driving-zombie-platformer has arrived. In this game, you drive a vehicle - modded to the max with murderous weaponry - across apocalyptic 2D platformer levels, trying to take out as many zombies as possible. There are now ten vehicles to choose from, ranging from sports cars to the classic ice cream van of death, and the story mode has been extended. Whereas the original game took place mostly in desert, this sequel takes you through urban landscapes like factories, highways and subway tunnels.
androidpit earn to die 2
Smash through hordes of zombies in this ultra-violent, ultra-fun driving platformer. / © Not Doppler
Earn to Die 2Install on Google Play

Kung Fury: Street Rage

This game tie-in to what could be the best worst movie of the year is a hilarious throwback to street-fighting games like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. You control maverick Kung Fu cop Kung Fury as he battles his way through time in an attempt to stop the Nazis and Hitler (a.k.a Kung Fuhrer). Everything from the 'box art' in the Play Store, to the music, to the CRT filter over the game oozes 80s goodness,and the fast-paced two-button combat is hopelessly addictive.
androidpit kung fury
If you're nostalgic for 80s visuals, music and gameplay, then look no further than Kung Fury. / © Hello There AB

Bird Climb

Why is it that games infinitely better than Flappy Bird that are in the same genre insist on having their names closely associated with that game? That's the case with Bird Climb, which is a nicely presented one-touch infinity runner (or flapper) where you move on a vertical rather than horizontal plane. In this game, you can bounce the eponymous bird off walls so long as you avoid the jagged bits, and can even play it multiplayer with a friend. Can games like this stop revolving around birds though, so we can sooner forget about the irritatingly popular Flappy Bird?
androidpit bird climb 2
Bird Climb is like a prettier version of Flappy Bird, but vertical and with multiplayer. / © BoomBit Games
Bird ClimbInstall on Google Play

May 2015

Does not Commute

Every now and then, a game comes along to the Play Store that just screams for smartphones to be taken seriously as a gaming platform. The offbeat and beautiful driving game Does not Commute is such a game. You drive various cars on missions around a 70s (meets futuristic) town, interacting with the town’s strange residents. You’ll control bikes, hot dog vans and speedboats as your initially relaxing missions descend into vehicular chaos.
androidpit does not commute
This is the strangest driving game we think we've ever seen on Android. / © Mediocre
Does not CommuteInstall on Google Play

Adventures of Poco Eco

Artsy and musical, Adventures of Poco Eco is a charming 3D(ish) platformer in which you control the titular Poco in his quest to recover their lost ‘Sounds’. It looks and sounds amazing, and buying the game for 1.99 USD also gives you access to the LP from its music producer Iamyank. While the puzzles aren’t too complex, it’s a perfect, relaxing game to wind down with after a hard day’s work.
androidpit adventures of poco eco
There's nothing on Android quite like the serene 3D platformer, Poco Eco. / © POSSIBLE Games

Lara Croft: Relic Run

Mere weeks after the original Tomb Raider was released in the Play Store, Square Enix have gone and put Lara Croft in a game that’s probably much more accessible to the average smartphone gamer. Relic Run is, simply put, Temple Run starring Lara Croft. The game looks fantastic, complimenting the twitchy-fast endless-running gameplay that works so well on handheld devices. It’s not just a matter of ducking, jumping, and parkouring either, as you’ll encounter classic bosses and even ride the occasional vehicle.
androidpit lara croft relic run
Lara Croft goes for Temple Run gameplay in Relic Run. / © Square Enix

Football Manager Classic 2015

SI Games has listened to the tablet owners crying out for a full, deep version of the world’s most popular football management sim. Unlike Football Manager Handheld, this isn’t some quick-fix game you can play during a toilet break, but a true replication of the PC version - with a 3D match engine, proper transfer system, and all the other micromanagement you’d expect from Football Manager. Finally, the management sim Android has been waiting for. Download it here.
androidpit football manager classic
Finally, a proper, undiluted version of Football Manager for Android. / © SI Games
Football Manager Classic 2015Install on Google Play

Mortal Kombat X

Dismemberment, beheadings and bone-breaking. These are just some of the lovely things you’ll be doing in the Android version of the latest super-gory fighting game in the legendary franchise. ‘X’ features several new characters, as well as old favorites Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Sub-Zero et al. The game is adapted for Android, so the gameplay is largely about timing your swipes to execute complex combos and, of course, fatalities. Some may be put off by the ultra-violence, but others will find it bloody brilliant (we went there!).
androidpit mortal kombat x
Swipe people's heads off and tap their spines out in Mortal Kombat X. / © Warner Bros Games
MORTAL KOMBAT XInstall on Google Play

April 2015


Taking a refreshing turn away from the typical isometric empire builders we see on Android devices, CivCrafter sees you manage your empire from a side-on perspective - and it works beautifully. Build armies, watch your empire grow (remember that old City View screen in the original Civilization?), and gather resources as you brace your populace of pixellated people for war against others. It's a 'clicker' game of the highest order, and is surprisingly deep beneath its accessible surface. It's free(mium) too, so no harm in giving it a try (aside from the possibility of getting addicted and spending hundreds of dollars on in-game purchases).
androidpit civcrafter
Beneath its friendly 'clicker' gameplay, CivCrafter is a deep and satisfying empire-building game. / © Naquatic LLC
CivCrafterInstall on Google Play


if you prefer to be a bit more real-time with your strategy, then DomiNations could be for you. From Brian Reynolds (Civilization II, Rise of Nations) comes this rich, beautiful and intense game that proves mobile devices can successfully do deep strategy. Take your nation from the stone age to the space age, form alliances, recruit legendary generals, and go to war across all time. You can play open-ended single-player campaigns, or take part in legendary historical ones such as the Fertile Crescent and the Peloponnesian War.
androidpit dominations
The second empire-builder worth checking out in April looks jaw-dropping, and proves that handheld strategy games don't have to be simple. © NEXON M Inc.
DomiNationsInstall on Google Play

Attack the Light

Cartoon Network brings us a unique RPG based on the Steven Universe cartoon. It's visual style is completely faithful to the source material, but you don't have to be a fan of the cartoon to enjoy this game. Control Steven, Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst and take them on a quest to stop a destructive Gem weapon. It's extremely accessible, and its turn-based combat has enough depth that you'll have trouble putting this one down. Colorful, funny, and beautifully-designed for the touchscreen.
androidpit attack the light
Enter the vibrant world of Steven Universe in this fantastic turn-based RPG based on the cartoon. / © Cartoon Network
Attack the LightInstall on Google Play

Table Tennis Touch

Table tennis games on touchscreens aren't really a novelty anymore, and don't make as much of an impression now as they did when the first iPhone came out, but Table Tennis Touch gives the genre a welcome overhaul. Get trained up by Wiff Waff the robot, then jump into career mode, quick game mode, or one of 12 mini games as you seek to become a ping pong master. This game is exclusive to Android Lollipop, and its variety of environments - from school halls to garages - look absolutely stunning. The super-spinny gameplay is fast, responsive, and perfectly suited to your Android touchscreen.
androidpit table tennis touch
Table Tennis gets a revival on Android with Table Tennis Touch. / © Yakuto
Table Tennis TouchInstall on Google Play

Tomb Raider I

One of the most iconic and influential PC games of all time comes somersaulting onto your Android device. Sure, the original Tomb Raider feels dated and rickety by today's standards, but at the very reasonable price of 99 cents, it's worth it for sheer nostalgic and sentimental value alone. The controls are as good as they could be for an old 3D game on a touchscreen (i.e. mediocre), but we love the crispy high-res visuals so you can really appreciate the fully blocky glory of this all-time classic. Check this out if you want a piece of videogame history in the palm of your hand.
androidpit tomb raider 1
The original Tomb Raider gets a high-res Android port. Not easy to play without a controller, but awesomely nostalgic. / © SQUARE ENIX Ltd
Tomb Raider IInstall on Google Play

March 2015

Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic

The hit PC RPG goes mobile with Byte and Magic. Create a party of three heroes (choosing from 30 classes), then head forth on a quest to rid the world of some malevolent force. Pixel Heroes is part of the recent ‘Roguelike’ resurgence, so in this game death is permanent, amusing random events pop up for you to deal with, and combat is turn-based. Pixel Heroes is a retro-style labor of love, and if you’re after a nostalgia-tinted challenge, look no further.
androidpit pixel heroes byte magic
Pixel Heroes: The popular PC RPG brings its great humor and permadeath to Android. / © ANDROIDPIT
Pixel Heroes: Byte & MagicInstall on Google Play

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

The third entry in the cheap shocks, jump-scare phenomenon has arrived - appearing suddenly and violently in the Play Store like, say, a horrifically stitched-together toy rabbit. The vague story is that Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has now been replaced with a theme park ride called Fazbear's Fright. It's your job as the security guard to monitor the cameras, lighting and security doors at Fazbear's, and keep an eye out for strange activity - in this case, the movements of a haggard old mascot called Springtrap. If you don't watch carefully, he appears in the security room and scares the living hell out of you - making for the most suspenseful experience on Android.
androidpit fnaf 3
Keep an eye on those cameras, otherwise you're in for a shocking animatronic surprise. / © Scott Cawthon
Five Nights at Freddy's 3Install on Google Play

Gunner Z

If Five Nights at Freddy's left you feeling helpless and having nightmares that your childhood toy collection was trying to kill you, then Gunner Z is the way to feel empowered again. Control a fleet of heavily-armored, big-gunned assault trucks, and mow down hundreds of zombies in an overrun city. The game has a great-looking 'night vision' style, giving everything ghostly look, and the mind-controlled zombies even wield weapons against you - so it's definitely no cakewalk.
androidpit gunner z
Grit your teeth and start gunning down weapon-wielding zombies in Gunner Z. / © BitMonster Inc.
Gunner ZInstall on Google Play

Active Soccer 2

Remember what football games were like before Fifa came along and take everything over? Probably not, but if you're curious, then the speedy, birds-eye-view gameplay of Active Soccer 2 will give you a good idea. Where the 3D graphics of FIFA always felt a bit cumbersome on smartphone screens, Active Soccer 2 is tough to master but feels like it belongs on handheld devices. You can enter competitions, create your own competitions, and have cross-platform online matches to show your iPhone-owning mates who's boss.
androidpit active soccer 2
Active Soccer 2 is the most challenging and satisfying footie game on Android. / © The Fox Software
Active Soccer 2Install on Google Play

Motorsport Manager

If you want to take a more cerebral role in a sports game, then give this addictive Formula 1 simulator a go. In this deceptively deep game, you control a racing team - hiring drivers, engineering your cars and even working out the best pitstop strategies. You experience all the ups and downs of F1, including watching the actual races (or simulating them if you like), dealing with crashes, and working your team to the top of the F1 world. An absolute must for F1 and sports sim fans.
androidpit motorsport manager
Take your racing team to the top in Motorsport Manager / © Christian West
Motorsport ManagerInstall on Google Play
What are your favorite games from recent times?
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