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Sunday, 10 April 2016 The First Ps3 Ylod/red Lights Repair Guide! (view mobile)

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Why I'd give up my iPhone for the Galaxy S7 Edge

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Large smartphones are my favorite. That's why I bought an iPhone 6 Plus around 18 months ago. I was totally satisfied with it until a few days ago when something big happened: I fell for another smartphone – the Galaxy S7 Edge. What was I going to do?
AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Opinion 2082

Before I suggest how to deal with smartphone temptation, I'd like to explain why I bought an iPhone 6 Plus in the first place. First, my long-term use of iOS was a decisive factor; as was the larger Full HD display.
The love for my iPhone 6 Plus began to show cracks during Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. The cause of an approaching break, a bond shattering, spurred by an old love. The cause also had a name: the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The dual-edge version of the Galaxy S7 infatuated me first by its looks, but also the way it feels. The ugly camera bump had shrunk to a level that I can live with. The design of the 5.5-inch smartphone is on a level that I expect from a smartphone within this price range.
With the Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung has managed to incorporate a 5.5-inch display in a sleeker body, even sleeker than the smaller Galaxy S7, so that I can use it easily with one hand. After becoming a father quite recently, I consider this a big plus. My son in one arm while the smartphone is in the free hand. It must be like this, otherwise a disaster could happen.
Another feature the Galaxy S7 Edge has that my iPhone 6 Plus doesn't is IP68 certification for water resistance. As a father, this is quite important to me. My little son is at an age where almost anything can be food, or anything can swim. But the Galaxy S7 Edge could survive the meanest slobber attacks, as well as accidental drowning in the bathtub.
AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Opinion 2104
If the Galaxy S7 Edge takes a swim, you're OK. / © ANDROIDPIT
Now onto hardware performance. The great display and exquisite camera don't need extra discussion – my colleague Camila has discussed these in depth already – and I can only nod in agreement.
There are also features that literally make me squeal with joy. The Samsung Game Launcher is one of them. Seriously – why has no other manufacturer thought that you could enjoy the Gamer Heart via relatively simple means. It has never been so easy to take a screenshot or record video of a game action as with the Galaxy S7 Edge. Or the option that all alerts are deactivated during gameplay. It's simply awesome.
Despite praise being heaped on the Galaxy S7 Edge, there are a few things I'd criticize. The built-in speaker placement means that sound is not optimal. The glass back is slippery and a fingerprint magnet. But these small issues don't sour the overall positive experience of using the Galaxy S7 Edge.
AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Opinion 2073
The S7 Edge comes with a built-in fingerprint magnet. / © ANDROIDPIT
There is just one final point, but an incredibly important one, that I'd like to make. It totally sucks that I can't transfer all my already-purchased iOS apps to the S7 Edge. I've literally spent years building up my collection. But it's not in the hands of Samsung, but rather Google.
It would be desirable if Google could make it possible to share apps between both platforms. That would speed up my switch from the iPhone 6 Plus to a Galaxy S7 Edge. Such a transfer is actually possible, as seen with Google Play Music. Here I could transfer my existing music collection easily, without having to buy everything again.
As long as I can't do this, it doesn't really make sense for me to drop the iPhone 6 Plus for an S7 Edge. But, as I wave goodbye to the S7 Edge, I'm winking at it with one eye.
Have you fallen in love with the Galaxy S7 Edge? Let me know in the comments. 

How the Samsung vs Apple Supreme Court battle affects Android

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Apple successfully sued Samsung in 2012. But now the real battle begins. Despite Apple's pleadings, the Supreme Court – the highest court in the United States – is reviewing it. This is the first patent case taken up by the court in over 120 years. Find out how this important fight affects Android technology in the future.
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The design of Android devices hangs in the balance

The Samsung vs Apple United States Supreme Court case could have a major impact on the design of all Android devices in the future. Samsung lost to Apple in a lower court in 2012 and was ordered to pay a US$548 million penalty. Samsung claims part of that fine – US$399 million for design patent infringement – was unjustified.
Samsung was penalized for 'copying' designs of the iPhone. These included: the iPhone's rounded-corner front face, its bezel and icons. But those were just a small part of what made Samsung smartphones so popular. Apple's real beef is the loss of its market share to fair competition, and Samsung is addressing that with this fight. 
The design of Samsung devices is a small part of what makes them so popular
But Samsung is not going into this case alone. Many tech companies and industry influencers are behind them. Both Facebook and Google led them in filing a friend-of-the-court brief on Samsung's behalf. They claim an Apple win would result in more design patent lawsuits, and curb innovation. 
AndroidPIT galaxy s7 vs iphone 6 2
The design of Android devices would be affected by the case. / © ANDROIDPIT

A loss for Samsung is a loss for Android

A Samsung loss could be devastating to smartphone innovation, especially to design. A Supreme Court ruling sets legal presidence for smartphone manufacturers in the future. So if Apple wins, any company could go to a lower court and claim damages for patent infringement. The opposing company would have little choice but to pay the full amount awarded by the lawsuit. 
Manufacturers come out with a few changes to the design of their flagships each year. The best of these are incorporated into the next generation of devices. They are not copied, or as Apple would say, stolen. But they are used by every company to make all phones better.
This innovation-sharing is healthy for everyone creating better smartphones. Manufacturers compete with each other for our business and the prices of devices go down. If we want to keep getting cheaper better-designed devices that build on technical innovation, then a Samsung win is the best outcome.
shutterstock androidpit supreme court
The United States must protect patents but also innovation. / © ANDROIDPIT, shutterstock

The United States rewards innovators and competitors

The United States of America is a pioneering, capitalist country. It thrives on innovation and competition through free trade. That's part of our culture and we're proud of it. If Apple wants to continue touting its status as an American company (though most of its products are made abroad) then it needs to start acting like one. When another company makes a higher-quality product, you don't go crying to the courts about it. You adapt and compete or go under.
If Apple wants to continue promoting itself as an 'American' company then it needs to act like one
Apple did not invent the smartphone. It also didn't invent cell phones, phones or electricity. These were built upon over generations of technological progression. Instead of building on other companies' improvements on the smartphone (like Apple did long ago with the iPhone), it used its resources to bully competitors out of the US market.
Because of Apple's litigation, manufacturers like Xiaomi hesitate to compete here, afraid of being fined over design patent infringement. We don't want this to continue. We want more competition. All we can do now is hope the United States Supreme Court does the right thing and sides with Samsung. 
What do you think about this fight? Let us know in the comments. 

How To Get iOS-Style App Launcher On Windows 10

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Are you a PC user who just wishes that they didn’t have to use the standard Windows desktop and would much prefer something, say, like an iPad? No, probably not, but if you were, then PaperPlane Smart Launch would be just what you would need.
Free to download and compatible with Windows XP all the way up to Windows 10, PaperPlane Smart Launch replaces the standard Windows desktop with an iPad-like interface which is designed to do away with any clutter and simply show you the apps you have installed. The resemblance to an iPad, or iOS interface is certainly an obvious one, that’s for sure. It also closely resembles Mac OS X’s Launchpad, not that anyone actually uses it!

With PaperPlane Smart Launch installed, users will have quick access to all the things they need to use on a daily basis, without having to wade through Windows and its desktop in order to get to them. Yes, that’s what Windows 8’s Modern interface was supposed to do, but this looks like an iPad. So there’s that.
quickly create new desktops by double-clicking an empty space, and is fully customizable, from layout to appearance. The important thing to remember here is that PaperPlane Smart Launch is free to download and use, so even if you think this might be a good fit but want to give it a try first, then you can do exactly that with no buyer’s remorse if it turns out to not be your cup of tea. With nothing to lose, why not give it a try?
PaperPlane Smart Launch for Windows can be downloaded from